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Pretty Cowry Cream in Pakistan

Pretty Cowry Cream in Pakistan With Papaya Extracts 200g is a Breast Firming and Lifting Solution Against a Sagging Problem. It Rejuvenating and Moisturizes the Skin of the Chest and Tightens the Skin as Well.

Breast Inner and Outer Beauty, the Beauty of a Variety of Guard.
Strengthens Fat and Ligament Around the Breast.
Promotes the Hypoplasia Breast to Develop Again.
Improves the Phenomenon of Breast With Different Sizes.
Makes the Slack and Flagging Breast Sharp and Solid.
Accelerates Internal Metabolism, Makes Skin Healthy, Glossy and Elastic.
Net Content: 200g
Category: External Use

Breast Beauty Cream Tall and Straight Plump Introduction

Active Nutrient Components of Natural Plants. Promote Breast Blood Circulation and Activate Breast Fat Tissue (With Massage).
A Variety of Nutrients Are Absorbed Quickly by the Breast and Promote the Synthesis of New Breast Cells and Promote Breast Enlargement.
Nourishing and Moisturizing, Making Breast Skin More Tender and Elastic.

Pretty Cowry Chest Up Breast Cream Usage Method

After Cleaning the Warm Water, Take the Soap and Massage It in the Breast.
After 4-5 Minutes of Massage, Wash It With Warm Water and Then Take the Right Amount / Chest Cream and Massage It in the Breast.
Massage for 10-15 Minutes Each Time to Be Absorbed.
Do Not Need Too Much More Than One Dollar of the Size of the Size of the Chest Frost.
Enough to Absorb, Absorb More Massage After the Absorption, Too Much Effect Does Not Necessarily Have Much Promotion.


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