Hot Shapers Belt


Item Form Hot Shapers Belt
Quantity 1 Pack
Delivery Time 1-2 Business Days
Shipping Free
Package 2x Rs3,500

Hot Shapers Belt in Pakistan

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How They Paintings?

The Neotex® Smart Fabrics Technology In Warm Belt™ Will Increase Middle Temperature During Your Daily Activities, At Home, Exercise, Sports, Walk, Run, Child Stroll Or Any Bodily Pastime.Complete Frame Hot Shapers In Pakistan.

Hot Shapers® Apparel Can Be Worn At The Same Time As Active Regardless Of What You Are Doing.Hot Shapers Pants Fee In Pakistan. Advantages – Maximizes Fitness Exercises* – Narrow Waist Tummy And Tights* – Growth Your Core Body Temperature – Enhance Your Typical Well-being. It’s All Approximately Being In Shape… The Greater You Sweat The More Fit You Get! Sweat And Get In Form.

What’s Covered With Your Order Warm Shapers Belt?

1 Warm Shapers® Hot Belt™ (Sizes S-m, L-xl, 2Xl-3Xl, 4Xl)

Hot Shapers Belt Functions:

1- It Offers To Lose Your Weight Through Maximizing So Your Exercising Recurring.
2- Lets You Tone Down Extraordinary Body Components Consisting Of Waist, Hips And Thighs .
3- Continues Your Body Warm At The Same Time As Performing Your Day By Day Sports.
4- Enables In Burning Tummy Fat.
5- Warm Shapers Offer Faster And Higher Effects.

Weight Reduction Frame Shapers Available In Pakistan

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Warm Shapers Belt Benefits :

1- Maximizes Health Routines
2- Slim Waist Tummy And Tights
Three- Growth Your Center Frame Temperature


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